The Value of Photography

Photography is art and it is the ability to capture those special candid moments and freeze them in time forever. Photos, whether digital or in print are a database of our memories of our loved ones. We are able to preserve the most important people and events in our life! They are our story that we can share.

Photographs help preserve history. I often like to search the Internet for photos of different time periods and eras. I love seeing the life brought forth in these pictures and learning how different the world used to be. It's magical and it's a treasure, it's the legacy we leave behind!

Photos allow us to share and communicate. We love sharing what we find beautiful and interesting - and since photography is an art form it is often very beautiful! We can share our interests, passions and inspirations through photography.

Photography allows artists to create. This might be my personal favorite of them all and this is the reason I love being a photographer. I love creating something unique and stunning, I love capturing beauty!

A photo is worth a thousand words. A beautifully captured photograph can express a range of emotions - sadness, joy, excitement, laughter, love! So many awesome feelings that we can freeze in a moment of time and cherish.

Looking at a photo can make us feel. Whether it be a gorgeous landscape, the laughter of a child, looking into a loved ones eyes or dancing to your favorite song - we can relive those memories as if we are feeling those emotions all over again.


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